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Here are frequently asked questions about the myResearch Portal. If you have a question about myResearch that isn't answered below email

Below you'll find answers to questions commonly asked about: Access, Data, Current and Pending Reports, Proposals and Awards, Financial Accounts, Delegates, Research Protocols/Studies

You can view a video introduction to the myResearch Portal at myResearch Overview.


  1. Who has access to the myResearch Portal?
    Any PSU staff or faculty member can login using their standard WebAccess account.
  2. What do I need to login to the myResearch Portal?
    Two-factor authentication is required to login to the myResearch Portal. This consists of a PSU WebAccess userID and password and either a SecureID token or authorization via the Duo Application.
  3. How do I obtain a SecureID token?
    They can be purchased online. Click here for detailed instructions. Contact your ASR or local IT staff for more information.
  4. Can I access the myResearch Portal from home or only from a PSU network?
    The myResearch Portal can be accessed from any network (work, home, public, etc.) that has connectivity to the Internet.
  5. Can my administrator login to the myResearch Portal and see my data?
    Faculty can delegate access to their myResearch Portal page. See section below on delegation. For a short tutorial on how to delegate access, view the login page (URL).
  6. How do I enroll in Two-factor authentication?
    Click here for instructions.
  7. What do I do if my SecureID token or the Duo application doesn't work?
    Contact your area's IT support or the IT Service Desk at 814-865-4357 or email IT Service Desk.


  1. Can I update data through the myResearch Portal?
    No, the myResearch Portal is a display-only capability for data. Data can only be updated in the source systems by those with appropriate access. See "Proposals and Awards" section for exceptions.
  2. Where does the data that is displayed in the myResearch Portal come from?
    The data is provided to the myResearch Portal from the source systems (IBIS, SIMS, COINS, CATS, and PRAMS) in real time.
  3. Who do I contact if I have questions about the data or there is missing or incorrect information?
    As a first step, contact your department or college research administrator or financial officer.
  4. Can my department head or research dean see my information?
    There is no department head or research dean access to this data through the myResearch Portal. They may have access through other systems such as IBIS or the data warehouse.
  5. I'm a co-PI on a grant, what can I see?
    You can view your pending proposals, active awards, and active protocols. You will not see scanned documents associated with your awards.

Current and Pending Reports

  1. How do I obtain Current and Pending Reports?
    Select the icon labeled 'Current & Pending Report' from the top of the Summary View or Tab View displays. Then select the desired format for the Current and Pending Report from the Current and Pending Report Options popup, and press the Submit button. The Current and Pending Report will be sent to you via email.

Proposals and Awards

  1. There are pending proposals that are not funded. How do I notify someone?
    The Primary PI or a delegate mark a proposal as "Not Funded" by the sponsor by clicking on the envelope icon next to the proposal. Proposals that were "Not Funded" can always be viewed by clicking on the "View Not-Funded Proposals" button and some proposals can be marked back to "Pending", if marked as "Not Funded" within the last 90 days.
  2. What do the indicators mean that are shown in the column titled 'Flags' in the Active Awards panel and 'OSP #' in the Financial Accounts panel?
    • CS - This project involves a Cost Share (CS) commitment, which needs to be tracked and reported to the sponsor in accordance with Penn State Policy RA50 and RAG50.
    • PSC - This project includes funds for Participant Support Costs (PSC), which must be tracked separately from any other costs associated with this award. Refer to Policy RA22 for further information.
    • TCP - This project is subject to export control restrictions. Work must be performed in accordance with a Technology Control Plan (TCP). Additional guidance can be found in RA40 and RAG40.

Financial Accounts

  1. Can co-PI's or graduate students see financial information?
    Access to a particular account is determined by how the account is setup in IBIS. If the person is listed on the account with the financial access flag set to Yes, the person will have access in the myResearch Portal. See your department or college research administrator or financial officer if you have questions about a specific account.
  2. Is salary information accessible through the portal?
    No. Individual salary transactions are visible but you would have to know fringe rates, percentage of effort in that month, and appointment type to derive the salary. Project budgets are available for viewing by the PI only when viewing proposals or awards in the myResearch Portal.
  3. What is the estimated available balance?
    Penn State's accounting system (IBIS) does not calculate fringe and overhead on encumbrances. The estimated available balance estimates the fringe and overhead on encumbrances and subtracts that estimation from the balance to provide a more accurate figure than the balance provided by IBIS. NOTE: Salaries cannot be encumbered past the current fiscal year.
  4. How do I know what transactions go into which category?
    Transactions are put in categories based on the transaction's object code. On the category view page, click on the Category Help icon to view the mapping between object codes and categories.
  5. Can I access general funds like my matching accounts?
    Yes; general funds, restricted funds, endowments, and gifts are all accessible through the myResearch Portal. You specify the account by entering the entire account number in the entry box on the Financial Account panel shown on the Summary View.
  6. I'm a new user. How can I access my financial accounts information in the myResearch Portal?
    Instructions describing how to access your financial information in the myResearch Portal are provided in the video tutorial Accessing Financial Information.
  7. How do I get an Excel file containing financial transaction details for an account?
    Select the account of interest (or enter the entire account number in the entry box) on the Financial Accounts panel shown on the Summary View, which will display the Category View for the account. Select the line (category) of interest from the Category View display, which will display the Detail View for the account. Select the icon titled 'Email Excel' from the top of the Detail View display, which will send an Excel file containing all of the account detail transactions to you via email.


  1. I'm an administrator, how can I get access to a faculty member's information to help them?
    The faculty member must delegate you access individually by clicking on the Delegate Access icon.
  2. Can the myResearch administration team make me a delegate for all the faculty in my department?
    No; delegation is done by each faculty member in the myResearch Portal on an individual basis.
  3. Can delegates view all of the same information as the faculty member?
    No; it depends on the delegate's access in the source system. When a delegate attempts to drill down to detailed information, the source system checks the delegate's access and not the faculty member's access. The myResearch Portal honors the source system's security, so the delegate only views detailed data based on their own access. A delegate can never view conflict of interest data from COINS
  4. How do I delegate access to someone so that they can see my information in the myResearch Portal?
    Instructions describing how to delegate access to your myReseach Portal information are provided in the presentation Delegating Access.

Research Protocols/Studies

  1. Can I submit a continuing review or modification to my approved study/protocol through the myResearch Portal?
    No; the myResearch Portal is a display-only capability for data. You will have to login to the CATS (IRB) or PRAMS (IACUC) system directly to request a modification or continuing review of your protocol.
  2. How do I start a new protocol application?
    Login to the CATS (IRB) or PRAMS (IACUC) system directly to initiate a new study/protocol.
  3. Can delegates view studies/protocols?
    Yes; if they are listed on the study/protocol.
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